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The Effect

Discussing the power of the mind, the magician takes a piece of tin foil – this can be kitchen baking foil, a chocolate wrapper (such as from a Cadbury’s Creme Egg) or the foil insert from a packet of cigarettes – and dips it into a glass of water (or beer, cider, lemonade etc). Rolling it into a ball, the performer places the foil into a spectator’s hand and asks them to imagine it is starting to become warm. Within a very short period of time, the foil does indeed start to heat up… becoming warmer and warmer, until the point where the spectator decides it is so hot that they have to drop it on the floor. Proving that the feeling of heat is entirely in the spectator’s mind, the performer can immediately pick up the foil at fingertips without any danger of burning themselves.

Important Notes:

  • Whilst the effect can be performed as a demonstration of hypnotic ability, it can be performed with absolutely no knowledge of hypnosis, and does not break the UK’s 1952 Hypnosis Act, or other hypnosis laws around the world.
  • The foil is 100% clean when dipped into the glass of liquid… The contents of the glass can be safely consumed afterwards with no risk.
  • This is not the inferior powder that can take 20 minutes to take effect, sold by some dealers.
  • This is not the jellyfish serum recipe that caused burns and allergic reactions at Magic Conventions a few years ago.
  • This does not rely on electronics, or any battery powered equipment.
  • One bottle will last for hundreds of performances.
  • One application will work several times – no need to reset after every demonstration.
  • Every bottle comes with a money back guarantee: If you do not like this effect, for any reason at all, simply return it within 14 days for a full refund on the purchase price
  • This is a powerful effect that will be remembered for many years to come.

The principle and effect isn’t new – in fact magicians have been performing the “hot foil in hand” routine for decades. However, some products are inferior (and riskier) than others. You owe it to yourself and your clients & spectators to use the best quality product available.


HEAT By Carl De Rome

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