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The CHRIS CROSS Box of Wonders Magic Set! 



It truly is an absolute pleasure to have released my very own magic set, in proud association with Marvin’s Magic, in the hope that it will inspire others to get into magic and enjoy all the fun it brings! You’ll have lots of joy entertaining and amusing your friends and family with these cool little tricks in my CHRIS CROSS BOX OF WONDERS!


Further Info


Most of the magic tricks included in this set are your typical ‘standard magic set tricks’ that you’ve probably seen or owned before, but on Christmas morning, you lost half the bits or didn’t read the instructions properly and parts got broken.


Exciting as the magical tricks themselves may be, I urge you to read these instructions FIRST before you play with them! I’ve made this booklet as fun as possible, instead of your usual boring ‘how to’ guide. After reading your instructions, THEN familiarise yourself with the physical props in your CHRIS CROSS BOX OF WONDERS.


DO NOT underestimate these bits of plastic and cardboard! With enough showmanship, I promise you can fool and entertain with these very props. To prove my own point to myself, I was booked to perform at a corporate event last week and I genuinely ONLY performed tricks from this magic set. I’m serious. In two hours, I made enough money to pay my monthly bills.


Once you’ve learnt how the trick WORKS, then learn how to PERFORM it! This comes by practicing the trick over and over again and coming up with a story or some jokes or an interesting way to present the trick to keep your audience’s attention and ultimately entertain them.


Most importantly, once you’ve practiced your tricks and set them up ready to be performed and then nailed your audience with them – DO NOT tell them how they were done! If they ask you how you did them, simply say ‘very well!’ If your audience finds out the secrets behind your little miracles, it spoils the magic and cheapens the whole thing. They’ll then become un-interested in your little trick things and they’ll move on! Besides, people are mostly disappointed when they find out the methods to your magic - they just THINK they want to know how they’re done. Don’t disappoint them and don’t make YOURSELF look silly – instead, create the magic and create your own legend!


If they REALLY want to know the secrets, tell them to go and buy their own CHRIS CROSS BOX OF WONDERS!

Box of Wonders Magic Set by CHRIS CROSS / Marvins Magic

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