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Pat Conway -
"The King of Matchbox Magic!"

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The above video shows Pat Conway in 2022 showcasing some sleight-of-hand at the tender age of 99...


Conway liked to perform impromptu magic with seemingly normal objects that could be simply found anywhere. Since he was working as a magician, primarily throughout the 1950's - 1990's, he found his niche with cigarette, matchbox and smoking related magic.  Everyone smoked in the environments and venues he performed in.


His book, "The Pat Way to Con" features a lot of his own original creations. A number of his effects were also self-marketed independently, some were also distributed by the likes of Ken Brooke's Magic Place and Edwin Hooper of Supreme Magic.


The Enchanted Rabbit are pleased to have acquired all intellectual rights to Pat Conway's printed, physical and digital creations. 

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