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Just two matchboxes are used. They can be filled with matches if you wish. A drawing pin is pushed into the end of one matchbox, the other one is shown quite freely on both sides. Now a playing card is placed between the two boxes, which are closed. Spectator just exerts a little pressure on the matchboxes and magically the drawing pin has left the first matchbox and penetrated right through the playing card and is now impaled in the second matchbox! If you like you can have the drawing pin penetrate through a sheet of glass or plastic.


We supply the effect in a neat plasticbox and you can use this in place of the card, a pin can penetrate through the lid or through the actual box itself. A fantastic and versatile principle. Imagine showing two matchboxes, a spectator places their ring inside one of the boxes. This box is marked by having a drawing pin pushed into the end. The other box is empty. The boxes don't leave the sight of the audience for one moment. The boxes are placed well apart, the ring is definitely proved to be inside the box, marked with the drawing pin, yet magically the ring transposes from one box to the other.


You'll say it's a miracle. In place of a borrowed ring you can use a small handkerchief or a coin. If you are looking for a self-working trick, the one that packs a real wallop, that's unusual, mystifying and in your hands can be entertaining too, then Pat Conway's PIN-ETRATION is just the effect you are looking for.


Complete with instructions, ready for you to work.


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