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Another EXCLUSIVE Collectors Item - Ideal for your display cabinets or for gentle performance use. Dynamo had fun spinning one of these around at our stand at the MINDS convention at the weekend... A nice weight to it and made entirey from glass, with rounded edges and sand-blasted tips...


You could always switch out a standard wand of similar size to reveal the omni wand or even incorporate it within an omni deck routine. Chris Cross has been playing around with switching the wand during the reaction to the omni deck for a kicker "double-whammy" finish.  Although these wands aren't practical for the real working performers gig box, they are certainly a rather special and awesome item for any serious magician or collector to display and own! 


Overall, these are a ridiculously pretty, very cool and completely im-practical item for people with more money than sense! WE LOVE IT! You should too! Buy 10.

The Omni Wand - 100% Glass Wand

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