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The Street Stick By GAZZO & Chris Cross




‘‘In over 45 years in the Art of Magic, especially in Street Magic Shows, I’ve tried many different measurements and materials to find the best stick for the Cups & Balls on the street. I believe these sticks to be the PERFECT combination, as a result of vast experience – these are now what I use in every show. They’ve been Hand-made in the UK from Indian Rosewood, to my own specifications. In the right hands, they’ll last a lifetime of performances… available in a right handed model and a left handed model!'' - GAZZO


The Street Stick is a plain looking stick, made specifically for the cups and balls and for street magic performing. To the public eye, it's been made to look like nothing flashy or showy, but a lot of handcrafted skill has gone into making each and every one of these wands or 'sticks' as GAZZO prefers to call them. They are hard wearing, can take a beating and will continue to look great, made from Indian rosewood. They've been hand-made by a master craftsman in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North-East of England and no two Street Sticks are the same. As an additional touch, we have branded the letters ''GZ'' subtley to each end of the sticks, which you will be able to see upon close inspection, as a way to verify it as an original Street Stick AND as a nod to the man himself, GAZZO...  


The Street Stick comes complete with a Certificate, stating it is an official Street Stick, endorsed by GAZZO and each one will be hand-signed by GAZZO, too. These Street Sticks are not only practical usable sticks for the professional working magician to use day-in-day-out for many years, but they also make a very nice collector's piece or display item, too! 


The Street Stick By GAZZO & Chris Cross

SKU: 0003
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