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An ordinary safety matchbox is shown. Threaded through the sides of the matchbox and through holes at the top is a piece of red cord. At the ends of the cord are two small knots or beads, so that it cannot be removed. Magician shows that the cord freely runs through, and opens the matchbox up to show inside a small loose washer which he tips out into a spectator's hand, and which can be minutely examined. No it's not faked in any way. No magnets, or any ideas of that sort.


The magic takes place in the spectator's own hands. The spectator places the washer loose on top of the cord, places a hand on top of the drawer and slowly pushes the drawer upwards so that the box is closed. Astonishingly when the spectator removes his fingers from the top, it is seen that the washer has penetrated right through and is now threaded on the cord. Yep, it sure is! It can be pulled right out of the matchbox and it is seen actually hanging on the cord.


It's fantastic and one of those unbelievable tricks which just works itself and which will amaze you as you perform it. Easy to do! No skill. No sleights. Nothing to go wrong. It's all completely self-contained and all in the matchbox. A pocket and close-up masterpiece.

Watta-Washer by Pat Conway

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