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The Broken Wand - FREE Magician's Obituaries Service

Since the weekly British ABRA Magazine ceased to circulate after decades of serving the World of Magic with news, reviews and letters from all around the UK, it seems that there is no longer a home for Magician's obituaries. Well, now there is.

I think this is an important service and I gain no profit by hosting and managing this. It's purely to keep fellow magicians in the loop about the passing of friends and colleagues and providing info about how and where to pay your final respects.

If you are submitting an entry, firstly may we offer our deepest condolences - we are sending you our warmth and thoughts at this sad time. Secondly, when submitting your entry, please include some info / text about the recently disappeared. A photograph would be wonderful too, if possible. Don't forget to add details of the funeral arrangements.

Please use correct punctuation and paragraphing, as we may not have time to edit it for you... SEND TO: The Broken Wand page will be updated WEEKLY or near about




The Great Magician of the North

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