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  • The Broken Wand - FREE Magician's Obituaries Service

    Since the weekly British ABRA Magazine ceased to circulate after decades of serving the World of Magic with news, reviews and letters from all around the UK, it seems that there is no longer a home for Magician's obituaries. Well, now there is. I think this is an important service and I gain no profit by hosting and managing this. It's purely to keep fellow magicians in the loop about the passing of friends and colleagues and providing info about how and where to pay your final respects. If you are submitting an entry, firstly may we offer our deepest condolences - we are sending you our warmth and thoughts at this sad time. Secondly, when submitting your entry, please include some info / text about the recently disappeared. A photograph would be wonderful too, if possible. Don't forget to add details of the funeral arrangements. Please use correct punctuation and paragraphing, as we may not have time to edit it for you... SEND TO: The Broken Wand page will be updated WEEKLY or near about Thank-you CHRIS CROSS ---------------------- The Great Magician of the North

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  • Magic Tricks | The Enchanted Rabbit Magic Emporium

    WELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF THE ENCHANTED RABBIT *Incorporating The Card Collection Established in 1969* Start Shopping *KEEP CHECKING BACK ON THIS SITE EACH WEEK & SUBSCRIBE * LOTS OF NEW ITEMS ARE CURRENTLY BEING ADDED EACH DAY! THE CARD COLLECTION ENCHANTED RABBIT EXCLUSIVES VINTAGE MAGIC EMPORIUM WHERE THE LATEST & GREATEST PROPS MEET HIDDEN TREASURES OF THE PAST Offering Brand New & EXCLUSIVE Products - Alongside a Collection of Apparatus, Collectables & Props from the Past! ''The House of The Enchanted Rabbit Magic Supplies'' Provides hundreds of Packs of Cards, Trick Decks and Gaff Cards via The Card Collection Range, as well as EXCLUSIVE products and a Vintage Magic Emporium, serving up slices of Magical History and Props from the Past! Read More

  • About | Enchanted Rabbit Magic

    THE ENCHANTED RABBIT has been dealing in Second-hand Vintage Magic Props, Books & Apparatus for the past few years and since the COVID-19 Global Pandemic has heavily impacted his bookings and public shows, he has decided to concentrate on selling unique magical items to performers and collectors all over the World! Chris Cross ​ During Lockdown Chris Cross purchased The Card Collection and became the owner of the entire business (and all stock) and is now officially the proud owner of one of the longest running Magic Dealerships in the Country! ​ Chris will continue to stock a lot of what The Card Collection has always stocked (Decks, gimmicked cards, roughing fluid, Magician's accessories, Etc.) However, the business will branch off into 3 sections now under the new name “The House of the Enchanted Rabbit Magic Supplies” (or “Enchanted Rabbit” for short!) ​ The 3 PRIMARY sections will be: ​ - Enchanted Rabbit EXCLUSIVES - The Card Collection Range - The Vintage Magic Emporium We will continue to trade at conventions once the pandemic has disappeared and we look forward to meeting all of our customers in person! ​ Whilst it will take a few months to get the stock all organised and this website up and running properly, for the time being, Please LIKE our page and if there’s any supplies you need or anything you’d like to say to Chris Cross, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Here: ​ THE CARD COLLECTION ​ “The Card Collection” business was established in 1969 by Clive Leewarden and has been loyally serving magicians for 52 years... you may well have stopped by their stand at a convention and purchased some of their famous gaff cards, as well as collectors decks, gaff coins, sponge balls, dice and all sorts of accessories, tricks and gimmicks! ​ Clive, along with his wife, Anne, have been attending magic conventions around the U.K. since the 1960’s up until 3 years ago, when Paul McCaig took the wheel for the last couple of years, after Clive retired. The stall was last trading just before COVID-19 at Blackpool 2019... ​ Here’s to the next 52 years of serving the magic community - we look forward to seeing you at a convention very soon! Contact Us Contact Us our story so far...

  • Customer Care | Enchanted Rabbit Magic

    CUSTOMER CARE Store Policy If you have any questions about any of our products, then please get in touch BEFORE making an order. We don't accept returns, unless a valid reason is given, in which case we will consider your request. Thanks! Privacy & Safety We will not share your details with any 3rd Parties and all of your personal and banking details will be stored safely in our database. Your orders will be kept confidential. We may contact you from time to time via our mailing list with Special Offers, New Products & Promotions, etc. Rest assured, these emails will only be occasionally. Wholesale Inquiries Anyone wishing to Wholesale any of our items, please get in touch and we will consider any potential partnerships and distribution deals. Thanks! Payment Methods Online Payments: Credit / Debit Cards / PAYPAL We also accept cash payments in person at Magic Conventions & Events

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