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GAZZO Talks to CHRIS CROSS (90min Video Download)


An Enchanted Rabbit Magic Supplies EXCLUSIVE Video Download!


Approx. Run Time 90mins (English)


GAZZO is perhaps the most (in)famous street performer in the World today... He started as a look-out for Cracker Parker's criminal 3-card-trick outfit on the streets of London, before changing direction and using his sleight of hand talents to become a professional street magician. He's now lives in Key West, Florida and has spent the past 4 decades travelling the world with his show. Utilising his machine-gun rapid one-liners and his (now famous) Street Cups & Balls Routine, he's carved a second-to-none reputation in the Street Performing & Magic Communities.


This is a low budget, scratch made, real and raw video of two performers sitting down and talking shop. Chatting to CHRIS CROSS over a few days on and off the pitch, GAZZO discusses his approach to writing jokes and gags, offers opinions and thoughts from his vast experience, gives a demonstration of an 'Emergency Cups & Balls Routine' and some top tips on The Ambitious Card. Although, there's not a lot of actual moves and tricks taught in this video, we're sure that you'll find some treasure here, that's well worth the price you paid for this download!


Filmed in Scotland at The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, August 2021

GAZZO Talks to CHRIS CROSS (90min Video Download)


  • Approx 90mins.

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