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The ETERNITY Wand by Chris Cross 


Chris Cross & ‘The House of The Enchanted Rabbit Magic Supplies’ have released a strictly limited amount (125) of handmade wooden luxury magic wands, that have been skilfully constructed from the Steel Lined Casket Escape box, that Paul Daniels escaped from on his TV Show...


A few years ago, Cross discovered a farmer’s barn full of Paul’s old TV Show illusions and rescued them from the elements. It was a brilliant find. Since, there has been an ongoing project of restoration to bring the props back to life once again - since all of this historic magical treasure had been sitting in the barn for years and years. Among all of the tricks discovered were Paul’s iconic Girl through glass which he performed with Penelope Keith, The Tea Crate Eye of the Needle illusion, The Human Cannon used on his Barnum Royal Variety Show Performance and his Backstage illusion, as performed with Debbie McGee, Ali Bongo and Gil Leaney.


Sadly, one of the rescued tricks, the steel lined casket escape, was in a sorry state; the steel box was missing, as were the 2 ends of the outer wooden casket, the stand for the casket and all of the hinges, brackets and suchlike were all gone. Such a shame. Only the two sides, top and bottom pieces of wood remained, that made up the outer wooden casket.


Since this particular prop was in a very incomplete state, Cross commissioned some magic wands to be made by a highly skilled British craftsman, from what remained of the wooden casket that Paul escaped from on his TV Program “The Magic Show!”

As a Lifelong Fan of Paul, Cross has brought out these wands to Chronicle and immortalise the life of his Magical Hero - Paul was a Master Magician and a Legend in the World of Magic. This is a strictly one-off collection of handcrafted collectible keepsakes.

CROSS Said: ''Given the right amount of care, these beautiful wands will exist long after everything else around us has gone and disappeared, even ourselves! The wands were constructed from Paul's actual custom-made box he escaped from on his TV Show - right after he'd been sitting in Harry Houdini's personally owned chair! I had the idea to make wands from the casket wood earlier this year, but didn't want to spoil the prop even more by cutting it up, however once I finally realised that it was too far beyond the point of saving the trick, I made the decision to cut it up and to make the wands and I'm SO pleased I did! I'm really happy with how they've turned out and I'm even happier that I've created such a unique item to be shared with fans of Paul around the globe! As a collector of magic, this will go in prime position in my favourite cabinet! With orders already placed from the US, Japan & Italy, it's exciting to think that my cherished product and Paul's eternal influence to the world of magic is being both spread AND appreciated all around the World!''


All of the luxury timeless collectors’ pieces are protected in a presentation box and each individually numbered wand comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and guaranteed by Chris Cross.


Add a true slice of magical history to your cabinet of curiosities - this is a must have item for any Paul Daniels Admirer, Magic Fan or Collector, alike! They’re £125 per wand and only 125 are available. ''Not a Lot'' I hear you say - And Once they’ve gone, they've gone. No more will ever be made again...



The Paul Daniels ETERNITY Wand by Chris Cross

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