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The Geordie Book AND DVD of Magic is the Perfect Package for anyone interested in learning a few easy-to-do but baffling magic tricks! Suitable for ages 8+


Learn a dozen North-East themed magic tricks with everyday items, including'Burglars in the Baltic', 'I'm ganna naa what you're thinkin', 'Toon, toon black and white army' and others!


Illustrated by VIZ Comic artist DAVEY JONES and it boasts a foreword by The Lovely DEBBIE MCGEE. Comes complete with a DVD where Chris both performs AND teaches the tricks to local celebrities, including TIM HEALEY, CHARLIE HARDWICK, MALCOLM 'SUPERMAC' MACDONALD & Other Geordie Stars! 


In addition to the Book & DVD, there's also a packet of trick cards included in an envelope inside the back cover, which can be used to cut out and make some of the tricks featured in the book - lots of fun for ALL ages!


Featured in The Newcastle Evening Chronicle HERE:


PLEASE NOTE - Also available as a Printed Book, DVD and Printed Cards for £12

The Geordie Book & DVD of Magic by Chris Cross - DIGITAL VERSION

SKU: 0002
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