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THE PAT WAY TO CON By Pat Conway & Walt Lees


From Supreme Magic's Edwin Hooper:


The superb creations of master inventor, Pat Conway, all under one cover, in this exciting hardbound book of 157 pages. Pat is universally known in magic as the king of matchbox tricks', having originated many outstanding effects such as Pin-Etration, Watta Washer and the superb rising matchbox item "Sym-Pat-Rise'. Thereare matchbox effects in this book too.


The effects vary in performance and they use articles of all kinds. The Conway touch shines through. Primarily features matchbox, cigarette, coin and also rope magic.


The book details: Matchbox Turnover, The Immatcherial Cigarette Box, Wife Swapping, The Conway Cigarette Case, The Card and Cigarette Case, Joker Spots, Chameleon Cards, The Colour Change Pack (two versions), Auto Spell, The Note in Cigar, A Routine for the 27p Trick, Double Change, Tiefusion, The Appearing Knots, The Conway Rope De Luxe, Loopy, At the Drop of a Knot, D.I.Y. Sliding Knot, Instant Silk on Rope, The Invisible Sliding Knot, Rope Interlude, Colour Change Record Subtlety, Pipe Dream, Oranges and Lemons, The Conway Thread Carrier, Magic with the Conway Thread Carrier, Traps and Teasers, Four to the Bar, Tie and Die, Invisible Thread and The Yuk in Wallet.


The book is profusely illustrated throughout with clear line drawings. Bound in cloth. Gold on the spine. A book of magic you will treasure for the rest of your life.


If you are seeking good, practical and commercial type magic - this book is for you.

You won't regret purchasing it and adding it to your library.

'The Pat Way to Con' Book By Pat Conway

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