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VIZ Comic Limited Edition SIGNED and numbered (200) print of CHRIS CROSS The Magician. This is a real collectors item, that has been hand-signed by VIZ Comic co-creator CHRIS DONALD who made the artwork and also signed by CHRIS CROSS The Magician, who features in the comic strip.


These posters were made exclusively for The VIZ Comic's 30th Anniversary of being in National Distribution and were sold for two nights only at the Officil Celebratory Event in 2015 at The Tyne Theatre & Opera House. 


Other than at the Celebration they have nver before been available, other than the odd one popping up on ebay here and there. There's strictly limited stock of what was left over from the event. 


Own a Magical slice of VIZ Comic for the office/toilet wall!


VIZ Comic Ltd Edt CHRIS CROSS the Magician Signed Print

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